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Seven Things Aloom -- track thirteen: Kosmos Cafe

Posted on April 4, 2013



As prisons go, this one's to know:

a paradise of waiting

for what's undone, what's yet to come.

Look up, look down, look all around,

it's what you're paid to do, here:

just keep your gaze off of the ladies

down the way.



Lai, lai, lai, lai, lai, Gypsy Kings, and tipsy things. 

Oh, Friday night, and she'll be there,

and you'll be right

to dance the world away at the Kosmos Café:

words to the wise in cheek-to-cheeky guise,

cheek-to-cheek disguise.



Across the road, another load

to set the boys a-buzzing:

fits and starts and do your part.

Drag the wagon, man the scan –

and when the work is over,

it's back to waiting for the glimpse

to start your heart.



Lai, lai, lai, lai, lai, etc.



The snow comes down, the road to town

is covered up completely:

your dreamy evening won't be soon.

True grit don't freeze, though: get your skis

and see if someone's lazy.

The circuit waits: behind that gate,

a kind of love.



Lai, lai, lai, lai, lai, etc.

©2008 Thom Moore, reg. IMRO, MCPS

             This represents my last but by no means my least commission: to get the capital I needed to make a return journey to Russia in 2008, I twisted the arm of a good friend who used to work with me at the On-Site Inspection Agency portal-monitoring facility (whew!) in Votkinsk, USSR ... now in the Udmurt Republic of the Russian Federation.  I had been hired in October of 1989 as an interpreter-inspector at the facility (which had  been established to make concrete the notion of permanent arms-control inspection facilities in Cold-War combatant countries – whew!), while he had been hired to work there in the original crew, from 1988.  He found his priorities being changed by the fact that he had very romantically fallen in love with a young lady from ‘the other side’, and realized that his only way to make an impression or her and/or their circumstances was to quit the US government job and make his way in the new Russia as an entrepreneur of sorts – in other words, live by his wits, which he has managed to the present to do, wonderfully well, having gained the partnership of his true love, and most of the fruits of things like intelligence and energy.  There was to be a 20-year reunion of as many people from both sides who could make it back to the Portal in 2008 ... and it was quite good enough a reason for me to return, since I had followed his example back in the early 90s and quit the job in order to marry another lady from ‘the other side’ (the object and/or source of most of my songs from 1990 on, including Prayer for Love, Queen Love, The Answer, Lacomcaliu, Gorgeous and Bright, Low Blue Drum, Now High Now Low, Buck Blues, Magic All Around, Love is Right, Keep This Thought, Life Ahinge, Man Alive, Lad No Longer, Tom-Fool, The Mayfly and the Stone, and not least Kosmos Cafe ... which was the restaurant in Votkinsk town where most of our nefarious (if relatively innocuous) international plots were first conceived – ‘cheek-to-cheek disguise’.

             God bless us and save us, as the Irish say.  Or used to say ...