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Thom Moore: News

RTE Radio One broadcast - November 28, 2013

On December 28, 2013, Irish national radio will broadcast a one-hour special, as Ronan Collins presents Thom Moore singing his songs along with a host of national-treasure musicians, at 17.00 GMT.

The concert fills out a lifetime of writing and making music for Thom, these last few years with no-one more supportive of him than the wonderfully eclectic Ronan Collins of RTE. The musicians, who included Gavin and Aongus Ralston, Seamie O'Dowd, Fiachra Trench, Tom Domican, and Noel Eccles, as well as a guest vocal from Australia's Aminah Hughes, all had a grand time, and the original hour-long format was stretched to two hours in an effort to get in as many of Thom's famous-at-least-in-Ireland songs, like Cavan Girl, Carolina Rua, Saw You Running, The Scholar, Prayer for Love, etc., etc. Unfortunately, RTE's rules made it be cut down to the hour to be presented.

Thom makes the Moscow Times - April 25, 2013

Ready at last! (or nearly ...) - April 7, 2013

Apologies, one and all, for taking over a year to conclude what was planned to be accomplished in several months at most.  After a heroic effort, Gavin Ralston and many friends and collaborators are putting the final touches on the CD planned using FundIt financing ... thanks again, all who contributed (and I won't hold it against those of you who didn't, since I know you'll do the right thing and purchase a copy!)

The CD will be launched at a special concert at Whelan's (see Calendar Dates for details) on Monday, April 22.  One of the things we decided to do was, since I am such a wordy thing, rather than increase the difficulty (and the price) of the CD by printing the endless details of lyrics and memories and explanations -- I would simply include all those things on this site: the songs on the CD, for instance, are now detailed with lyrics etc. individually in the Blog section of this website.  For instance, if you'd like the lyrics or background to the title song, Seven Things Aloom, you'd go to the relevant track listing ('Seven Things Aloom -- track fourteen: Seven Things Aloom') and there you'll find whatever I've seen fit to include on what would have been liner notes, if CDs were as big as houses (like I said, I'm a wordy thing ...).

At Gavin's urging, I have also decided to include some pieces on individual songs (most not on this CD, but some) going into more depth and elaboration as to my intentions, or memories, or moods, or whatnot. This is a somewhat more philosophical (watch out, wordy thing at work!) work that might or might not give you some insight into what goes on in the mind of a songwriter like me ... that is, somebody motivated by something other than a desire to get rich, get famous, or get laid.

Let me take this chance once more to thank the many people who did subscribe to the project, and Gavin Ralston, its chief architect, and Seamie O'Dowd and Paul Lee, who have both contributed enormously over the years to keeping the myth of Thom Moore alive ... It feels like congratulations are due all around.



THE TIME HAS COME! - February 2, 2012

No, not the end of the world ... yet. No, this is a chance to participate in the generation of MY FIRST RELEASED RECORDING since Gorgeous & Bright in 1994. This will feature material produced and recorded by the sterling Gavin Ralston at his Silverwood Studio in Wicklow ... and the details are fully disclosed HERE:

The various levels in the project mean that (once it is fully funded) we will be able to do monumentally wonderful things like a DVD of a live gig featuring musicians known and unknown, but all guaranteed wonderful! But only if you help ... so ... thanks, big time!


News? What news?!?!?!?!? - September 22, 2011

Crikey -- I just noticed that my last 'news' entry was just before I went to Poland (which was nice, but my translations of Vysotsky failed to impress people, I'm afraid ... such is life)and then I had a stroke/hospital/longueurs sort of thing in April. And now I have an excuse, finally, for being forgetful / slow / stupid / whatever. In the meantime, though, I have been playing a bit with my powerful friend Seamie O'Dowd (check him out in his various guises on YouTube) and our Australian friend Aminah Hughes. I am forbidden by God to blow that particular horn, but, my, if you do like that sort of thing, the three of us can be seen at the Longford Johnny Keenan Banjo Festival this weekend, Sunday, Sept 25.

I am also blessed with a repeat of sorts with another Sligo guitar-hero (and friend of Seamie's, of course), Gerry Grennan, on Friday Sept. 20 at The Source restaurant in Sligo (part of their Oktoberfest), where we will be doing a duo-thingy from 20:30 to 22:30. I'm even staying the night in Sligo, so if any friends or fans want to chat to me -- THIS IS YOUR CHANCE!

Good luck, and see you in Longford or Sligo. Or wherever ...

Poland awaits! - January 15, 2010

The most significant outcome of the existence of this website was that it came into the purview of Dr. Marlena Zimna of the Vladimir Vysotsky Museum in Koszalin, Poland ... who promptly understood the necessity of translating the late, great Russian poet/actor/songwriter (died 1980) into something more accessible than anything done to date, essentially by virtue of translating not just the lyrics to his songs bt the music as well, owing to a peculiar facet of Russian folkmusic that makes it unlikely to be understood properly by the Anglophone ear. She promptly invited me to deposit a range of my translations of his songs in her museum; then broadened the invitation to include a live appearance and lecture at the annual festival in his honor at the museum

I wouldn't have dreamed of undertaking any project like this if I weren't both a songwriter and a translator of Russian literature. I had been counting on a more general interest in the project, once I had actually concluded the translating and recording of one of the songs ... but this was not to be, here in my adopted country of Ireland. So I just left the one song as a curiosity here on my website (Clamberine, in fact -- new recording to go up shortly!}. I am due to fly to Poland on January 29th, and will be back and reporting and probably posting my other versions of his songs by Feb. 3rd. More then!

Under New Management, or something - July 14, 2009

News, news ... is it really news? Well, probably.

The Radisson Thursday night session is no more, and actually finished on January 1st of this year. The usual excuse: credit crunch, business slowdown. Just as well, I suppose. The gang (George, Alison, Joe, Isabel, etc., etc.) gave a farewell concert at The Cherrytree in June; we are officially no more, never to bet met in this life, etc.

IN THE MEANTIME, I have dropped my longstanding association with Headline Agency, to put in its place the agency of three wonderful women in Longford, collectively known as ROUGH DIAMOND PROMOTIONS (see CONTACTS), who will be doing their utmost to connect me to people who might want to hear what I do, usually (if possible) with the accompaniment of the fantastic and famous Sligo musician, Seamie O'Dowd, who has been a friend and acquaintance since I moved to Sligo and Ireland in 1971. He has since been famous for ongoing band service with the likes of Dervish, Mairtin O'Connor, The Unwanted, etc., etc.

If you have any questions, please email me.


Несколько слов по русски... - August 30, 2008

Время от времени, получаются в моем Guestbook неожиданные сообщения на русском. До сих пор ничего от настоящего корриспондента, к сожалению –– но, конечно мир большой ... Новый мой проект: перевод Высоцкого на английский. И вот, в чем дело: для нерусских, приходится по моему перевести не только слова, а также музыку: минорная тональность просто не понятна большинству американцам и подобным англоговорящим. Сейчас послушайте пример: песня Clamberine является таким переводом, т.е. слов И музыки. Приветствую любую комментарию...

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